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We envision a world where people can live free from exploitation, violence and abuse.  We realize there’s a lot of work to be done before we get to that point.

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The Sassy Advocate

The Sassy Advocate™  is focussed on bringing awareness to topics that don’t get discussed much over the dinner table or at cocktail parties– specifically domestic violence and sexual assault, and more generally to topics of mental health and human dignity.

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Whether you’re recovering from a traumatic event, or trying to help a friend or loved one, our growing list of resources are here to help.

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Read our latest blog posts about surviving trauma like sexual assault, domestic violence, and other topics.

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Welcome! I’m glad you’re here!

This website came out of my love for advocacy and serving survivors of some of life’s most horrible circumstances. My goal is simple: to help individuals, as wells as companies and other professionals to better understand the healing process associated with living through traumatic events like sexual assault and domestic violence.

Whether you’re a survivor trying to figure out what to do now, or if you’re a friend or employer trying to help someone you care about navigate this process — our hope is that you will find something useful.E.J. Smith Signature

About The Sassy Advocate™

The Sassy Advocate™  is Simply EJ’s  signature project focussed on bringing awareness to topics that don’t get discussed much over the dinner table or at cocktail parties– specifically domestic violence and sexual assault, and more generally to topics of mental health and human dignity.

More importantly it’s about learning that the consequences of not having these conversations have serious consequences for all of us. And that it’s possible to get over ourselves and our social comforts enough to have these conversations. 

The Sassy Advocate™ provides an overview of the topics of domestic violence and sexual assault along with a variety of links to resources to help survivors and their support networks stay informed and empowered.

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Quick Q & A with E.J.

Why do you use the word Survivor instead of Victim?

I typically refer to the people I work with as survivors because that’s truly how I see them. They are individuals who have survived situations and circumstances that rival our worst nightmares, and yet they’re still here. I understand that a lot of other professionals, like law enforcement, use the term victim. Because the scope of my work is focused on helping clients puts the pieces back together, I think the term survivor is more fitting.

What is a normal reaction to trauma?

First and foremost, it’s important to note that not everyone reacts to trauma the same way. While it’s normal to have strong outward emotional and even physical reactions to a traumatic event, some people may respond with an absence of emotion and appear numb or detached. It’s important to note that regardless of the initial reaction, more often than not, the body, mind, heart and spirit can recover on it’s own.

How do I get involved in this issue?

Whether you’re a survivor or a passionate supporter, there is so much work that remains to be done in working to shift the culture to be more aware of sexual assault and domestic violence. Contact RAINN or TheHotline to find a crisis center or shelter in your area. Most of these organizations rely heavily on volunteers to accomplish their missions.


How are sexual assault & domestic violence related?

For starters both about someone seeking to dominate and control another person. Read More

If someone is being abused, why don’t they just leave?

Understanding why people sometimes stay can be key in helping them to leave. Read More

Are rape and sexual assault the same thing?

Sexual assault is a broad term used to describe rape, and other non-consensual acts. Read More

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Do you or your organization need a presentation on issues in mental health? Healthy relationships? More effective communication? Understanding responses to trauma? Contact us and let us help you assess the needs of your business and create a custom workshop just for you and your staff!

E.J. is truly a unique counselor.  Blending her personal brand of “Jersey” moxie and heartfelt sincerity, E.J.’s clients value her straight-off-the-shoulder approach.  As an existential counselor, E.J. believes wholeheartedly that each of us get to assign meaning to our life circumstances– choosing how these events are placed in the legacy of our lives.  Counseling services coming to Simply EJ in 2016!

To work with E.J. in counseling now, contact her at Associates in Counseling.


E.J. is available for training workshops, presentations, discussion panels and other events. As a former high school English teacher, E.J. knows how to modify presentations to meet the unique needs of learners in the space. While it’s generally recognized that sexual assault and domestic violence are issues worth discussing, E.J. understands the discomfort people can experience discussing such topic. Learn how E.J. can help you or your organization have these important conversations.

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Would you like to consult with E.J.? Are you a professional looking to create a more supportive environment for employees who may have mental health concerns like anxiety, depression or PTSD? Do you want to raise awareness about relationship violence? Please contact E.J. to discuss how she can help!

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