15 Things Worse Than Gay Marriage

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In case you were under a rock or on a deserted island, the Supreme Court issued a ruling that the right to marriage was protected by the US Constitution. (If you want to read my reflections on the SCOTUS’ decision, you can do so here).

Around 9:15 am CST, my phone started chirping with incoming texts, and before I knew it, my social media feed was dominated by images of rainbows. Later that day, members of our local Pride Community Center gathered in celebration at a local cafe. If you ask me, it was a great day.

But not so for everyone. No. There were plenty of people who were just not having it. Like the guy who kept comparing the SCOTUS decision to Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

Don’t get me wrong, people have a right to their feelings. And I do understand that the decision of the SCOTUS disappointed some people. But the comparisons to the bombing of Pearl Harbor and September 11th?  Those really left me scratching my head:

“You realize people actually DIED on those days, right? Like a lot of people:  2,500and 2,977,  respectively.”

To the best of my knowledge (and believe me, I googled), there was not one report of spontaneous death as a result of hyper-rainbow and happiness exposure. Nope. Not even someone throwing a clot out of pure joy. So I can’t really see the comparison.

Maybe if my belief system were vastly different, I could? I’m not sure.  Again, I am admittedly far from unbiased about this particular issue. And that much I do know.

So this kind of begs the question: What do I consider worse than gay marriage? Well, I petitioned (aka pestered) some of my friends to submit their ideas, and here are some of my favorites:

15 Things Worse Than Gays Getting Married (in no particular order).

1) Women who don’t sit down on the toilet seat and sprinkle.

2) The drive thru employee forgetting to give you a straw.

3) That Olive Garden took Alfredo pizza off their menu.

4) That gas stations charge $0.30 more per gallon if you use a debit/credit card rather than cash. Seriously? Who uses cash anymore?

5) Traffic in Houston

6) When you realize you are completely out of coffee…or wine…or chocolate.

7) Finding a hair in food that you were really excited to eat. And then having an internal battle of whether to continue eating or not.

8) Stepping on legos!!!

9) The fact that hotdogs are sold in packages of 10, while the buns are sold in packages of 8.

10) When the DVR doesn’t record the last two minutes of a show. **Double points if it’s the show’s season finale.**

11) Donald Trump’s hair.

12) When your Spanx roll up and it’s socially unacceptable to fix it.

13) When you trip and stub your toe on all of the nothing on the sidewalk.

14) Two words:  Boob sweat.

15) People who leave one square of TP on the roll and don’t put a new one on…leaving you stranded, alone, and contemplating probabilities and considering decisions that no civilized person should have to make.



Okay, clearly those were pretty silly (although nonetheless annoying). But since I have your attention…If you’re the type of person who likes to use your passion to fuel some good in the world, I don’t want to leave you hangin’.

Here’s a list of 10 truly outrage-worthy issues, and the organizations working to bring awareness that desperately need your help.

10 MORE Things Worse than Gay Marriage. (Again, in no particular order.)

1) 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before age 18. Get informed about sexual abuse: The National Child Traumatic Stress Network

2) “Human trafficking is the third largest international crime industry (behind illegal drugs and arms trafficking). It reportedly generates a profit of $32 billion every year. Of that number, $15.5 billion is made in industrialized countries”…like the US. Learn about how to fight trafficking at DoSomething.org

3) According to The Atlantic, in 2012, Child-Protective Services Checked Up on 3.2 Million Children. 2.5 million of those kids were declared ‘non-victims.’ Another 686,000 were ‘abused’ or ‘neglected.’ And an estimated 1,640 kids died as a result. See the latest DHHS Child Maltreatment Report.

4) Every day 22 Veterans and 1 Active Duty service member commit suicide. That’s over 8,300 people per year. Help Stop Veteran Suicide

5) Only half of people who have experienced a major depressive episode seek treatment. Learn more about treatment for mental illness with NAMI.

6) Every day in US, 1,900 children are subject to abuse or neglect. Four of those children will die from this abuse each day. Learn how to combat childhood abuse and neglect with CASA.

7) Every minute, 20 people are victims of intimate partner violence. That’s almost 29,000 people per day. Since 2003, 18,000 women have been killed by their male partners in domestic disputes. Learn more about ending Domestic Violence: The National Domestic Violence Hotline.

8) As of 2014, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that drunk driving crashes kill 28 people daily. Learn more about working to end drunk driving.

9) According to the ASPCA, roughly 2.7 million animals are euthanized (1.2 million dogs and 1.4 million cats) every year. Learn more about the ASPCA’s Fighting Cruelty and Pet Adoption Programs.

10) Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among people ages 10 to 24. And in the last year, 1 out of 6 high school students nationwide reported seriously considering suicide at some point during that year. Learn more about youth suicide prevention.

Thank you to Carolina Adams, Emily Hunt, Lisa Meystayer, Erin Whitehead, Alison Pourteau, Gregory Samson, Katie Foley, and the lovely ladies of MilitarySOS for helping me compile statistics on efforts about which they are so passionate, and for a fantastic list of hilarious first world irritations!
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